Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yamaha's most reliable new scorpio. motorcycle touring currently present premises street fighter design, we can see the model shown by Honda tiger who equipment with dual disc brakes front and rear, then there is also a Bajaj Pulsar 220 which look similar. To keep competitive with other manufacturers, Yamaha also made innovations in the product "New Yamaha Scorpio" which immediately released.

Motorbikes will also be equipped with a Dual Disc Brake on the front and rear tires, then designs and models will also be changed to make it more sporty and shows a street fighter vehicle. News delivered by PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) as the holder of the Yamaha brand in Indonesia, that they will soon release these variants in the near future.

Yamaha Could Launch Scorpio Z-225 | MotorBeam - Indian Car Bike News ...
yamaha newScorpioZ 04 460x306 Yamaha Scorpio Z Terbaru Menyengat Hari Ini Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) Praise be to Allaah revealed Scorpio Z appears more fresh and fair. Although YMKI recognizes no meaningful change in kitchen pacunya.

Yamaha Scorpio Z is still equipped with the latest 223 cc engine capacity that is able to generate power 18.2 ps at 8,000 rpm with torque of 17.5 Nm at 6500 rpm combined with a 5-speed transmission as the previous variant.

Frame body using double cradle with telescopic front suspension and rear monocross. To stop the speed on using the front brake discs while the rear is still drum. Official price offered by YMKI estimated to USD 23.5 million.

CHARACTER consumer of motorcycles in Indonesia is quite diverse. One is a group of motor sport lovers Yamaha Scorpio Z cast wheel (CW). Those who enter this group is definitely fond 225cc motorcycle engine. Has a speed above the average motorcycle sport that the majority sold in Indonesia.

We all know that the majority of consumers choose sport bikes 150cc class. In 2010, at least 67% of motor sport are sold in 150cc segment. The rest is divided for the 125cc, 160cc, 200cc, 225cc, and 250cc. Of course, segmentation is for sale motor member of Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (Aisi). Outside Aisi, there is still a 180cc class, which carried by PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI), but its market share is still relatively small compared Aisi members.

In the midst of it all, Scorpio Z CW by December 2010 which cost Rp 23.5 million per unit, still able to survive with a relatively stable market share. In the past three years, the market share of motor sport is on average about 5%. Not bad.

In 2010, over 11 months, Scorpio Z CW able to sell about three units per hour. Indeed, when compared to the other two brands made ​​by Yamaha, the figure is the lowest. Yamaha Byson able to sell about eight units per hour, while the king of motor sport Indonesia, Yamaha Mio, able to sell about 25 units per hour.

In 2011, Scorpio Z CW seems to be fixed pitch as the previous three years. Slowly, but surely. Understandably, consumers still prefer 225cc motorcycle engine. How compared to the 250cc sport bike? Just to illustrate, in 2010, the average sales of the segment is approximately one unit per hour.


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